Lincoln Aspect 375 amp Tig Welder

The Lincoln Aspect 375 is a 375 amp Tig Inverter that has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a full featured AC/DC tig inverter.

AC frequency settings up to 400hz, AC balance, amplitude settings for AC, high speed pulse, etc.

But in addition to all that, there is one feature that I found intriguing.

Its a button that allows for not having to know all about all the settings involved with welding aluminum....I will call it the  "easy button".

 Lincoln Aspect 375 "Easy button"

By pressing the "auto" button, a welder who is not quite familiar with all the advanced settings like AC frequency, AC balance, amplitude adjustments, etc. can still weld aluminum and get a job out the door without diving in to all the details.

Shane "Doc" Love - lead welder with Joe Gibbs Racing was welding some aluminum valve covers at the Lincoln booth and he was using 350hz on the outside corner joints....and about 150 hz on other areas.

I was talking welding with Shane when a young welder walked up.

The conversation wound around to some of the hurdles a young welder comes up against.

I thought Shanes advice for the young guy was profound so I thought I would share it here..

So, Here is Shane's wise advice for young welders ... In my words.

"Work Hard, learn from your mistakes, whatever it is that is kicking your butt, keep practicing it..and strive to make the next one better, let your failures propel you forward."

Pretty sound advice for anyone dont you think?

Shane was dropping some dimes on that valve cover using the Aspect 375.

Granted, a guy like Shane could probably stack dimes with a clapped out 40 year old Airco. But he definitely prefers the Aspect 375 to other tig inverters he has used. And he like me, he has welded with a lot of them.

I hope to weld with a Lincoln Aspect 375 soon myself and when I do , you will see the video right here.

A special thanks to Ivan Gracic (Lincoln electric) and Shane Love (Joe Gibbs Racing) for taking time to let me shoot this video.

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