Mig Welding Pictures

mig welding picture

the photo below shows 1 inch thick plates of aisi 1010 steel welded to square tubing using short circuit mig watch video on modular fixturing used to fabricate this part

mig weld

watch a video showing uphill and downhill mig welding techniques

uphill welding and downhill

The picture below is a cross sectioned mig weld welded way too cold. The weld metal did not penetrate thru the hot rolled mill scale. This weld was done at 17 volts and about 180 ipm using .035 er70s6 bare wire with 75/25 ar/co2

mig weld lack of fusion lof

The Mig weld below falls into the Fido's Butt category.

spatter, cold lap, wire whiskers, ...dang...anything else?

mig weld defects

exit mig welding pictures and see tig welding pictures

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