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MIG welding tips and tricks - MIG welding Tip #11

11. Use both hands to steady the gun when you weld. Always mig weld with both hands.. Do this whenever possible.

We have all tack welded with one hand while holding the part straight with the other one. But for actual welding,.... have you ever seen anyone make a pretty mig weld with one hand and without propping on something? I haven’t.

But I have heard what sounded like a 9mm glock drive-by shooting from someone trying to weld one handed while holding there helmet on with the other hand.

You need to use both hands.

Rest the crook of the gun neck in one hand and hold the part with the trigger in the other, get a heat resistant heavy welding glove if you need it and don’t be a pussy when it comes to having your prop hand close to the weld.

Being steady when you pull the trigger is very important for good starts. Letting the gun be pushed away when you pull the trigger only makes for bigger than necessary tack welds and ugly bead starts.

Hold it with both hands.... and get yourself an auto-darkening helmet so you can make good starts.

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