Mig Welding Tips and Articles--- some of the best tips I could think of...

a good ground, correct stickout, mig machine settings and a lot more

" Uphill, Downhill, Push or Pull...join the conversation!!"

mig welding tips...tip #1--Its all about the Stickout betwwen arc and tip

mig tip #2--For thin metal

mig tip #3--the right welding wire for the metal welded

mig tip #4--use the right shielding gas

mig tip #5--is E70S6 best?

tip #6--better penetration, oorah!

"Tip recessed like this only work at high amperage spray transfer...on short arc it will cause "Welds that look like Fido's Butt" except on thin sheet metal !.. "

mig welding tip stickout wrong

mig welding tip stickout better

This is better...Contact Tip is slightly protruding...This alone will help your mig welding

tip #7--out of position welding

tip #8--right size contact tip, liner, wire,

tip #9--watch the spatter and the mig liner

tip #10--keep the cable straight

tip #11--use both hands for better mig welds

welding tip #12--wire feeder tension

tip #13--keep your welding wire clean, heres how

tip #14--changing polarity

tip #15--pushing vs pulling

tip #16--the right size weld

tip #17--auto darkening helmet

tip #18--weld uphill when strength is key

welding tip #19--get a better ground clamp

mig tip #20---use the best-cheapest anti spatter spray

What are the Settings for a 115v Mig Welder?

Settings for your 115v mig welder

Either buy a copper ground clamp or make this trick clamp. Cause Damn! your stock mig welding clamp sucks.

A Cheap Trick for a Better Ground clamp

Mig Welding vs Stick Welding...are the old timers right this time?

Mig vs Stick ..You know the answer

Mig Welding Cast iron

Sometimes you can mig weld cast iron

Tips for welding overhead

Tricks for Mig welding overhead

Mig Welding Stainless Steel

mig welding stainless steel

Mig Welding Supplies

You need these basic mig welding supplies..or else how you gonna mig weld?

Mig Welding Technique

the right mig welding technique that makes the difference

Setting the wire feed speed the same on different mig welding machines

Setting the wire feed to inches per minute

Vertical uphill welding technique

A good technique for uphill welding aka vertical uphill welding

Whats the difference in a wire feed welder and a mig welder?

a wire feed welder is a mig welder

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