Mig Welding Tips - Mig Welding Tip #19

mig welding ground clamp

MIG welding tips and tricks - MIG welding Tip #19

19. The absolute #1 mig welding problem is a bad ground.

Let me tell you a secret: your Mig welding machine is like a cold hearted woman! she does not care if you have a bad ground. she just keeps pumping out welding wire anyway no matter if your gun is sputtering and stuttering.

She don’t care about you.

If you have ever pulled the trigger on a mig gun and it sounded like a drive-by shooting, you probably had a bad ground. But take it easy! it's an easy fix.

Mig welding machine manufacturers are in hot competition these days and saving a buck by cutting corners on ground clamps sounds like a good idea to bean counters and pencil neck marketing execs.

Have you seen these POC ground clamps?

They are a joke. Cheap ass plated steel with a tiny bit of copper on the jaws...sometimes.

They don’t compare to the old school ground clamps. But you can easily remedy the problem just by buying a copper ground clamp. Why?

Because it's copper, the best conductor of electricity.

Try it! This makes a much better mig welding ground clamp than what comes on most machines.

There is also a trick for getting a better ground connection with any ground clamp….
make a better ground clamp

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