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...pay close attention to gun angle, stickout, and settings for welding vertical and overhead

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MIG welding tips and tricks - MIG welding Tip #7

7. When welding out of position (vertical, horizontal, or overhead welding) Gun angle, stickout, and welding current all are especially important.

Keep your stickout short. (No penis jokes please).

Learn how to weld in all positions with good technique. Any wussy can turn the machine down and run a cold bead out of position. It takes a real welder to weld vertical uphill and overhead good and hot and still make the bead lay down pretty and flat.

It can be done with a little practice and the right settings. So what are the right settings?

For short circuit mig with 75/25 ar/co2 gas and .035 E70S-3 or 6 wire, about 20 volts and 250 ipm of wire feed speed with a short stickout of 3/8 and a dead nuts straight in gun angle will get you a good bead. If not something is wrong. I am not saying set the wire feeder to where it reads 250 ipm. Hell some wire feeders read 0-100 , some read out in ipm, and some have a pair of vise grips clamped to the knob so its pot luck.

But there is an easy way to tell your actual ipm. Here is the link... ..........setting wire feed speed...and other mig tips
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