Mig Welding Tip #9 of the best 19 Mig Welding Tips ever

Mig welding tip #8

..Clean the gun liner and drive rolls occasionally, and keep the gun nozzle clean of spatter.

Replace the contact tip if blocked or feeding poorly.

Buy a cutting torch tip cleaner if you want to make your tips last a little longer and ream them out occasionally. Contact tips and pretty cheap. Keep a pack of them in your toolbox and change tips often.

Replace the gun liner when it needs it. If it ever gets a kink, or ever gets to where you have to increase wire speed higher than what worked fine with a new liner..., change it. Its only about 15 bucks for a new one and it can make a world of difference.

I would say hardly anyone changes mig liners often enough.

Over time they get clogged with dust and copper from the wire. If you want to check the liner for feeding issues, turn off the machine, undo the spring clamp tensioner on the rollers, lay the gun lead out on the floor with the contact tip removed from the gun and push the wire with you fingers.

It should feed pretty easily without having to force it. If not replace it.

I once overheard a welding engineer talking who finally got fed up with rejects and mandated that every time a 50 lb spool of wire ran out, the liner got changed.

Actually Not a bad idea if your rejects cost you a lot.

But it might be overkill for the average Joe mig welder.

But For around 15 bucks, it’s a good spend. Just think about this for a minute, if you have been pulling your hair out wondering why you cant get your mig welder to run smooth like your brother-in-laws' mig welder, and you could spend 15 bucks and all of a sudden, your mig welder runs better than his, wouldn’t you do it? I would!!

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