Miller Plasma Cutter Part 2

This is Part 2 of Miller Plasma Cutter - Spectrum 625 Xtreme
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tig finger

Whats a TIG Finger???

In Part 1 , I used the little Spectrum 625 Xtreme to make a metal sign. Also to hand bevel some 3/8" thick steel test plates.

This week its on to cutting some miter angles on square tubing, stainless angle , and also just to show the many different types of metals that can be cut using a plasma cutter, I cut some 4130 chromoly, stainless steel, inconel, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium.

A Miller Plasma Cutter is like the Honey Badger.

It Just dont Care.

It cuts any metal.

Cutting metals like aluminum and stainless, is where a plasma cutter excels over an oxyfuel torch.

I am not saying a plasma cutter is better than an oxyfuel torch,....Its not necessarily better, just different.

In fact, if all you are ever going to cut is thick steel, like 1/4" thick and above, an oxyfuel cutting torch works fine and there is not much reason to get a plasma cutter.

But for sheet metal of all kinds, and if you want to cut other metals like stainless, aluminum, or copper...or even cast iron....a plasma cutter is the way.

For sheet metal, its the next best thing to a sheet metal shear. By clamping a straight edge ( like a straight section of angle iron) the torch can be slid along fast enough to avoid distortion. and on thin sheet, when you are finished with the cut, the metal is barely warm.

I got an interesting comment on Youtube when I posted part 1 of the Miller plasma cutter video...

The Story goes this...

A guy purchased a Snap On plasma cutter over 20 years ago which he said was made by Century. Anyway, he went on to say the even though the plasma cutter was rated for 3/8" -1/2" , it would barely cut sheet metal. Consumables would wear out after just a few feet of cutting. The Snap-On plasma cutter got stored in a corner for several years until the owner did some research and decided to try to revive it.

He removed an flow restrictor, and replaced the oem air pressure regulator with a 120 psi model. ( the original only allowed 60 psi to the torch) .

He also, installed a high quality air filter/drier.

After that, he said the difference was a different plasma cutter. Consumables lasted hours instead of minutes. and it cut thru 3/8" steel easily and quickly.

Now I am not advocating changing OEM settings on a plasma cutter, but the story does illustrate the bad things that can happen when you dont have clean dry air...and when you dont have enough air pressure and flow to keep the electrode and nozzle cooled.
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