Need to qualify welder for carbon to stainless 1 1/2 to unlimited

by C. Martin
(Columbus, MS)

Need to qualify welder for carbon to stainless 1 1/2 to unlimited.

What are the steps for qualification as per AWS D1.1?


something like this...

get latest revision of AWS D1.1

write preliminary wps

make adjustments on practice coupons and then do the weld tests per the requirments in AWS D1.1 for PQR qualification

if ALL the tests pass, document and fill out the PQR and new WPS well as the welder qualification form.

the welder who does the PQR test is qualified by doing the test.

Test future welders using the WPS and PQR that was qualified.

This is just a high level description and I am sure I left something out. It goes deeper and you might do well to consult with a local testing lab to get input and some prices for x ray tests, tensile tests, etc.

thanks for the post,


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