Needs to donate his welder to salvation army

by Bob

Bubblegum weld

Bubblegum weld

Sorry but I just had to share this with someone. This weld is typical of all welds found throughout a 1948 Ford truck street rod project which I foolishly purchased over the internet from a guy in Illinois who represented himself as a professional mechanic and accomplished street rodder. (there is a lesson in there somewhere) These welds are found in front and rear suspension components, motor mounts, trans mounts, body work and (most scary)used in grafting a late 60's GM front subframe into the '48 frame. I am not a novice nor an accomplished welder but I could do better when asleep. How anyone could continue through a project like this with such a lack of talent is beyond me. I guess some people just need to be told to stop.

I enjoy and appreciate your info and look forward to using the triangle technique when I start replacing all of the crap beginning with the motor mounts.


Bob, we might need to create a separate wtf area for pics like this.

thanks for the post

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