New to mig, long time arc

by Tony Lyons
(Siletz, Oregon)

I find every thing you put on line here great, it doesnt only make senae but very good information.

I have been welding arc for about 30 years off and on and greatly more in the last 3-5 years, some of the techs you tell about mig runs true in arc as well for good penetration.

I recently obtained a millermatic 185, with the 75/25 argo/co2, I would like to get the spoolgun for it some time for ss and aluminum but first thing is first, I need to fire her up and get practicing to learn heat and feed settings, probly will mark on the front panel the settings for a little more reference.
I only just received it 2 days ago and it went were the old crotch rocket use to be, cleaned the shed up today and plan to get practicing tomorrow, plan to play with some galvy roofing and just see what i can do with it, then on to thicker things up to 1/2".
I will be keeping your site not only in my favorites but will be printing some and putting in the shop for ref. considering i don't want to take the 2 grand laptop out there, it is winter now :o)
When i say thank you, I am sure there are several others that have thought the same thing but just didn't take the time to type it out to say THANK YOU!

I will send back again after a while, after some playing has been done in the shed, Thank you again !!!!

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