What 4 things make for the best Overhead welding technique for MIG?

overhead mig welding technique

So What are they? What are the 4 things that make all the difference in overhead MIG?

Man ...I am sure glad you asked and didn't leave me hanging...

Here are the 4 best tips and a really simple overhead welding technique for MIG

1. Keep your Stickout Short - KYSS

mig welding overhead stickout

Adjust the nozzle so that the contact tip is actually protruding a little bit. If your MIG nozzle just wont go down that far, you may be able to buy contact tips that are a little bit longer or mig nozzles that are a bit shorter so that you can have the tip at least flush... and preferably even sticking out a bit.

This one thing might make more difference than anything else for mig welding overhead.

If you just cant get it to happen, trim the nozzle. Yes that's what I said...trim the nozzle. It wont hurt it. just use a hacksaw, a slitting wheel , whatever and trim just enough so that your contact tip sticks out.

Because without even knowing it, gravity will cause you to have a longer stickout than normal on overhead welding. When you add the fact that you tip is recessed way back in the nozzle, it makes for overhead welding that piles up like hammered dog crap.

There are already enough welds out there that look like hammered dog crap. Don't add to the problem.

2. Crank it up

 crank up the heat for overhead MIG welding to what you would weld in the flat position. This is not time to be afraid of the heat. By holding a close stickout along with a good hot arc, you will be taking advantage of a thing called "arc force" that helps punch the puddle in and makes it flatten out instead of pile up like hammered dog crap.

3. Watch the Angle

Should I push or pull?

How about this?...

Neither! Whats wrong with 90 degrees - dead nuts - straight in?

You are going have a little bit of angle without even realizing it one way or the other. It might be push, it might be pull.

But who gives a rats ass if you push or pull as long as it works?

The Result is the only thing that matters. Just dont get carried away with the angle either way and you will be OK.

4. Not Circles but Loops

The overhead welding technique I like to use for mig welding is the one in the picture at the top of the page. Did you see it?

How would you describe it? I would call it making loops...like a series of cursive little e's.

Making circles can actually cause you to back up into the puddle too much and that would cause too much build up and a high weld bead along with a slow travel speed.

By making a little loop like the picture shows, the build up is minimal, the ripples are smooth, and the travel speed is pretty fast.....It just flat out works.

Of course there are other overhead welding techniques that work. This is just one way to skin the cat.

But its a good one. exit overhead welding technique and see more mig welding tips and articles

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