pipe welding cources

by lee paul hampton
(worksop england)

Hi i live near sheffield, England

im 23 and been welding since i left school. Ive got my apprenticeship papers and have passed welding procedures in 20 mm aluminum single run and multi run .i have also passed over head tests in mild steel up to 20 mm and verticle multi run up to 20 mm and other general weld test in flat downhand position and horizontal position.

I feel like i have hit a brick wall and can not improve my skill as a welder any further without passing my codings .

I would realy like to pass my asme 9 in 6g TIG root and mma fill but can not find any where that does it .

I was just woundering if any one could help me find a college or test centre that could help me with this . Thaks for your help Lee Paul

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