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Pipe Welding with a Lincoln Power Mig 210mp

Today, I am in JD Brewers Shop and he is doing some pipe welding using a Lincoln Power Mig 210mp.

JD is the owner of Apex Welding in Douglasville, GA.

Apex Welding does work for local industries fabricating mezzanines, handrails, work platforms, tanks, piping, and much more.

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Why Dual Shield Flux Core for pipe welding?

JD has a long history of working construction on power plants, paper mills, and factories where dual shield flux core welding was used extensively.

JD has used Dual Shield Flux Core welding for  structural welding on those jobs and has learned to rely on it and trust the process.

Now that JD works for himself a contractor, its very important for him to be able to complete a job as quickly as possible while still producing quality welds.

When you are in business for yourself as opposed to getting paid by the hour, you typically submit a bid on a project and then its up to you to complete it on time and make a profit. So any time saved while not sacrificing quality helps the bottom line.

JD also really likes being able to weld with .035" Lincoln 71m using his Lincoln Power Mig 210mp because it gives him a lot of options.

Because the 210mp is so light and portable, and runs well off a generator, it provides a lot of versatility.

  • when a stainless steel sheet metal job comes his way, he can use the lift arc TIG function.
  • for pipe welding, a tig root along with dual shield fill and cap lets JD knock out a 6" schedule 80 pipe weld in less than one hour.
  • TIG root is important because the pipes are air lines for injection molding units.
  • For a quick weld in a remote location, JD removes the spool and mig torch and carries the 210 mp along with some 3/32" 7018 rods and uses the 115 volt power feature at around 90 amps.
  • JD routinely powers his 210mp using a generator
  • For fabricating mezzanines, handrails, pipe welds, as well as pipe supports, JD relies on Dual Shield Flux core

What would you buy if you had to start a welding business and you only had $2000?

I asked JD a thought provoking question that I heard on a podcast called "Making it" with Jimmy Diresta, Bob Claggett, and David Pichuto.

The question was "if you had to start over with 2000 dollars, what would you  buy?"...Here is what JD had to say.

  1. Lincoln Power Mig 210mp
  2. Metabo 6" angle grinder and assorted discs
  3. Ridged Tripod Vise ( probably used from Craigslist or pawn shop)

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Learn What JD has to say about using his Power Mig 210mp

Hey Lincoln Electric,
  I LOVE THE MP210!!!  You guys have a real winner in this machine! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

 My name is JD Brewer and I work for myself as a welding contractor along with two helpers. We all love the mp210 for its flexibility and ease of use. We are always changing what we need to weld and the location in which we are working, and the mp210 beats any other welder hands down.

The machine is extremely portable and we carry it to almost every jobsite. Its the best to bring to unknown jobs because I can weld almost everything with the Mp210. I purchased my mp210 in December of 2014 right after I used it at a local welding supplies demo day.

April 2015
Last April I did $45,000 gross in business with myself and one helper. 

We used the MP210 for welding; fire exit staircase and platform, a mezzanine over a plastic injection machine, high pressure airline piping, small stainless, aluminum handrail repair, large hopper stand, etc....

We used everything this machine had to offer (except the tig foot pedal). Everything from .025 70s-2 to aluminum spool gun to 7018 stick to .035 71m outershield fluxcore (my favorite!).  i have put this machine thru its full range and it has not ever let me down.

This is just a small amount of how this machine has helped me succeed, the only complaint I have is it wasn't available years ago when i started working for myself.

This machine is the only one you need to start making money for yourself. Thank you again for such a complete all around welding machine!

JD Brewer
Apex Welding

See the images below for the type of work JD @ Apex Welding has done using his Lincoln Powermig 210mp

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