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pipe welding

by Big John
(Bakersfield Cali)

what amperage and size rod is used for welding 2 inch sch 40 blk pipe wonder if im doing it right im using a 3-32 5p rod at 55 amps give r take for root and 1-8 inc @ 75 amps for hot pass and 65 - 70 for cap the book says only two passes so im i doing it wrong r they are just guide lines i hope so cause i aint able to do it in two passes and it is in the 6g position i just dont want to roll up on a job and the inspector runs me off this is still new to me

The number of passes us usually a guideline.
It takes what it takes.

Sounds like your amperage settings are pretty much in range.

2 passes might be possible using a 1/8 rod for root and cap.

I dont think an inspector will have a problem if it takes you more passes.



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