PlasmaRoute CNC Plasma Cutting Table - Making a Sign for Wind Energy

PlasmRoute CNC plasma table Features

*this cnc plasma table uses a fully welded heavy duty table

*turnkey systems available with either Thermal Dynamics or Hypertherm plasma cutting machines available.

*CNC tube cutting systems available

*several software packages available according to application

*ability to be converted to CNC router

*Guarantee that their new product " THe Blaze" is the most affordable cnc plasma cutting system on the market today. A pretty ballsy claim.

Videos of cnc plasma cutting sytems like this are all over youtube. It really is pretty impresive to watch a cnc plasma cutter make an intricate sign like the windmills in this video out of a piece of 10 ga steel in a matter of minutes. Well , it impresses me anyway.

Torch Height control (THC)...

A feature that most cnc plasma cutter makers are touting is the "torch height control". I have seen a few that advertise a laser guided torch height control but most units use some type of voltage sensor to keep the tip standoff constant. Voltage changes with arc length. PlasmaRoute's Automatic Torch Height Control constantly measures the tip voltage, and adjusts the plasma torch up or down to follow the surface irregularities caused by the metal heating and expanding during the cutting operation. In addition, Plamaroute's Torch Height Control features “Arc Good” sensing, to prevent the machine from moving unless there’s a "good arc".

exit plasmaroute cnc plasma cutter page and compare with Torchmate

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