pres.ident and head janitor, welder

by Tom Martinez
(Heber City UT. USA)

I have found that if I put the tungsten in my cordless drill and use a right angle air grinder with a new 80 or 120 grit 2" roll lock and get the right angle and hold it so the rotation of the disc is going down the tungsten toward the tip it works very well and is as about as perfectly round and as sharp as i can get it also put the drill on low speed and try not to let it get to hot works well and is much cheaper than the machines that get set aside after a while you can also dip the tungsten in water once or twice to cool the tungsten if it starts to get to hot, do several at a time and you always have one ready I wipe mine down with acetone after sharpening then put them in a sealed tube they stay clean and are there when you need them.

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