Primeweld 325x

Testing the primeweld 325x on 1/4" aluminum and razor blades

I like the digital readout feature on the primeweld tig 325x. It makes setting pulse rates easier.  

water cooled package shown below with ck 20 torch

primeweld 325 package with cooler

See more videos using the primeweld tig 325x

primeweld 325x AC frequency settings for welding on an edge or near an edge

Tips for TIG welding Stainless Steel

These are just a few of the videos I have made using the primeweld 325x tig welder.

A 325 amp tig welder gives you a lot of options for things like tig welding thick aluminum or tig welding non stop for long runs.

that is when a water cooled setup starts to make sense.

I like the simplicity of an air cooled torch but with 325 amps, a water cooled setup with a 20 style torch just made sense and lets me use a large variety of tig cups for 9 and 20 style torches.

Learn about this Water cooled package with the Primeweld TIG325x, water cooler, and ck20 water cooled torch

primeweld 325 package with cooler

2 of the features I really like on this welder are the digital readout for all settings...and also that the AC frequency setting goes to 300hz.

I have done quite a bit of experimenting with different AC frequency settings on aluminum and I find that I always learn something new when I take the time to experiment.

Other settings I have messed with are the pulse feature.

there are 3 basic pulse settings 

  1. pulses per second (PPS)
  2. background current 
  3. peak pulse

I developed this thing I call the "rule of 33" for high speed pulse where you set all the pulse settings to 33.

33 pulses per second

33% background

33 peak pulse aka pulse width.

What I learned with the primeweld 325x is that using the rule of 33 really helps with getting a super low arc start for thin metals.

In the video above, I weld box cutter blades which are around .023" thick and I saw that using the rule of 33 for pulse settings let me light up on the corner of the blades without nipping off the corner.

AC frequency tips

If you have a 200 amp welder and need to weld some 1/4" thick aluminum, setting a lower frequency can help you get more heat.

But if you have 325 amps, then you can get some benefit using higher AC frequency settings.

Higher AC frequency settings can help focus the arc and can really help for certain applications like welding on the edge of something.

But with higher AC frequency settings there is definitely some loss of heat so you need more amperage.

Not a problem with the primeweld 325.

tig kits banner 1

Stick welding with the primeweld 325x

Coming soon is a video on 3/32" 7018 using the 115 volt power option.

On 115 volt power and using a turntable, I had to stay at 87 amps to keep from popping the breaker. But 87 amps is enough to do a lot of jobs with a 3/32 7018.

A 3/32" 7018 is a handy rod sometimes because there are times when 115 volt power is all you can get.

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