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PrimeWeld TIG Welder Settings - Video Review of PrimeWeld TIG 225X
2Tand 4T settings

This is the first of several videos using the Primeweld tig welder 225x ...this video shows how to use the 2T and 4T settings with a torch switch.

AC Balance settings explained for  Primeweld tig welder


Primeweld tig welder AC Frequency settings explained in plain talk

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

This TIG kit works great with the PrimeWeld TIG 225X

...Introducing the New WeldMonger Challenger TIG kit that includes the most frequently used Cups. 

challenger kit 17 front
challenger kit 17 contents

I have been working with the PrimeWeld TIG welder 225X for a while now and I know enough about the machine and customer support I decided to add it to my online store.

I am already getting a lot of questions about the differences in the Primeweld TIG 225x and the CK mt200 tig welder so I made this page to answer those questions.

primeweld torch switch

Here is my rundown on the differences between the CK mt200 and the PrimeWeld 225x tig welder.

The CK mt200 tig welder has 5 main features that differ from the primeweld tig welder 225x ...and some might find these differences important.

  1. Weight
  2. Fan on Demand
  3. Low start amperage
  4. good 115volt performance (140 amps on DC)
  5. Simple settings


The CK welder is lighter than the Primeweld tig welder.   Not a huge deal unless you are going to tote it a lot.

Fan on Demand

The CK mt200 tig welder has "fan on demand" which means the machine is mostly quiet while not welding. Less shop noise is really nice.

The PrimeWeld fan runs all the time and does make some noise.

How much noise?  Well its not that bad...For reference, I have an Esab Rebel that is much louder than the Primeweld but neither are quiet compared to the CK mt200 tig welder with fan on demand.

Start amperage

The ck mt200 has a low 5 amp start that could be important for certain jobs.  The primeweld lists a 10 amp start which is still quite good and acceptable for most work.

For aerospace type welding, a 5 amp start is important but for general tig jobs, a 10 amp start is usually not an issue.

Welding with 115 volt power

The Ck welder runs exceptionally well off 115 volt power. I have personally welded with it at 140 amps DC off a 20 amp breaker on 115 volt power.  The Primeweld specifications list more amperage draw than the CK mt200 while using 115 volt.

Simple settings

CK mt200 tig welder has a very simple interface with fewer controls

Some people really like the simplicity of controls on the CK mt200 welder.

This could be viewed as either a good thing or not because some folks (like myself) prefer to be able to adjust every single setting.

For example, on the CK mt200 tig welder,  the Pre flow setting is fixed at .5 seconds so there is no knob for that. I like to set my pre flow higher for aluminum but back before there were pre flow settings on machines, I just bumped the pedal to get preflow started manually. But sometimes we forget little things like that.

Pulse width is fixed on the ck welder at 50% so there is no knob setting for that either. Sometimes I prefer to set pulse width lower for certain really thin joints.

The CK mt200 does not have  upslope or downslope controls that I sometimes use along with a torch switch.. but if you always use a foot pedal, this might be a non issue.

Tig torch and foot pedal

both machines come with an air cooled 17 style CK worldwide tig torch and a high quality low profile foot pedal.


This is the obvious difference.

There is a pretty big difference in price since the PrimWeld TIG225x is less than half of the CK mt200. 

Bottom line

I would say that if these features are the most important ones to you...

  • “Fan on Demand”
  • lighter weight, 
  • lower 5 amp start
  • being able to weld at 140 amps on 115 volt power 
  • Simpler controls

Then the CK mt200 is a great choice.

If these features are not all that important to you, then the PrimeWeld TIG 225x would be a great choice and a great value.

From what I have seen, both companies have great service and support their products.

And we here at will make sure any potential issues get solved with either machine.

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

I first learned about the primeweld TIG 225x on a YouTube channel that you may already know about. The channel is called 6061.

I highly encourage you to check him out.

This is what caught my attention… 

A comment from Aaron himself


“This is an unbiased review. The welder was sent to me to test and review by the manufacturer. They did not pay me any money. I told them if I liked it, I'd make a review video and possibly use it in a few upcoming videos. I also told them if I didn't like it, I'd send it back and not make a video and they'd have to pay for shipping. I ended up liking it, so I made this video.”

I thought it was interesting that a highly respected welder fabricator was giving this affordable tig welder high marks.

Then PrimeWeld reached out to me to order some TIG fingers® from my store.  

So I asked them to send me a welder to use in a video or two.

I was very happy to see a genuine CK TIG torch and SSC style foot pedal when I unboxed it.

After putting some time in on the primeweld TIG 225x, and also talking to the owner about his customer support policies, I’m happy to say that I am now offering this machine for sale on my store at 

Oh and by the way, the very first upgrade I always recommend to folks getting a new tig welding machine with an air cooled 17 style torch  is our weldmonger stubby gas lens kit.


So we offer the PrimeWeld TIG 225x with several different kit options because I know you will have a better experience if you get it with a stubby gas lens kit, a challenger kit, an arsenal kit, or a tig pro kit.

And if you haven’t checked out the 6061 YouTube channel, please do yourself a favor and binge watch some of Aarons videos.  He is a very talented welder and fabricator.

Check out the PrimeWeld TIG welder 225x with kit upgrades on our store and stay tuned for more videos using this machine

primeweld 225 tig with stuff
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