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Pushing vs Pulling Mig overhead flux core welding in the real world

yes i know you cant see the weld...this welding video is here to demonstrate the awkward positions the real world throws at you.

Pushing vs Pulling overhead flux core welding

It never fails.. Every Mig welding student has been taught one way or another that pushing the puddle is the right way..or some insist that pulling the puddle is the correct way to mig weld with bare wire or flux core.

Where did this argument start? I guarantee you that it was not started by welders like the guy in this welding video.

If you pay attention, you will come to the conclusion that the argument of pushing vs pulling is just plain full of dog crap.

When you are in a welding booth in welding school, there is nothing in your way to keep you from pushing or pulling the puddle.... and you tend to believe whatever the welding instructor tells you.,

but fifteen minutes of being in the real world and you realize that you push when you have to and you pull when you have to. Either way works...and thank God.

There are just times when you dont have a choice. How is this guy in the video going to decide whether to push or pull? He has his head crammed up in the ceiling with a leather sock hood on.

Do you think there is some philosophical argument going on in his head about pushing the puddle or pulling?

I bet he is just doing it the only way possible and the only way he can see the arc.

This kind of situation is pretty normal in the real world of construction. Getting fire down his neck might be occupying his thoughts...pushing vs pulling is not even on his mind.

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