I just started welding. I always wanted to learn how and my boss agreed to give me a chance to move into the fab shop where i work and get trained. its been 5 days so far and each day it seems im gettin better. like i said im new to this trade. the only problem im having is getting comfortable when i weld. i seem to always have an awkward stance pr position. when gettin ready to lay a much longer bead i have trouble finding a position where i can keep steady. any suggestions or anything like that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

btw MIG WELDING. i guess you dont be become a master craftsmen overnight?


you hit the nail on the takes some time.

but if you really think about things, it will come quicker.

take some dry runs and pay attention to body position.

sometimes its best to be slightly uncomfortable at the beginning of a weld so that you move into a comfortable position during the can weld longer that way.

thats where taking the dry runs helps while you pay attention and think about how your arms, hands, and body moves or how you pivot on elbows, etc.

also another tip is to relax, and dont hold the gun any tighter that you need to to be steady.

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