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Rail road and manufacturing Mig Test

by Teliikai McCallum
(Seattle Wa)

Hey Jodie. Just wondering a few things. I have a Company weld test on monday and Tuesday for a rail way company and in the initial conversation with the company I was not told what I was expected to know and what the test would consist of.

What is it that you think I should be prepared for? I am a former Iron worker and Ive worked at a chopper fabrication shop for 2 years ...but I refuse to believe I couldn't be stumped by what it is that I need to know for this test.

I assume Rail way companies have their own standard of what it is that is to be known. If anyone else has ideas email or text me. This job pays the best Ive ever made as a welder and I dont want to miss this opportunity or challenge.

Thanks. Tank McCallum 206 409 4257 Teliikaiironworker@yahoo.com.


its hard to say, but i think its safe to assume that basic welding safety will be part of it.

It might be a mix of knowledge based questions and a practical test also.

usually rail companies have training programs and sometimes the initial test is a cull test just to make sure you can succeed in future training.

i am just speculating here. since the test is so soon, i think your best bet might be studying basic process fundamentals of smaw, gmaw, fcaw..along with basic welding safety

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