Retired Pipefitter Welder

by Larry McAfee
(Excello Mo.)

First off I have been welding for 40 years and I learn something new from each video. When I tack up I use 1/8 inch welding rod that have been bent 90 degrees. I grind the sides flat so when you tack up and the pipe shrinks down you can turn the 1/8 rod sideways and it will come out. The grinding on the sides will give it clearance when you want to remove it.

I also like to just tack in 3 places. Where you would have your 4 tack just start out welding just one less tie in to worry about. I do like to feather my tacks and when approaching the tack stand the rod up at about 90 degrees, this makes the rod stay down in the grove and not ride up on your tack and the arc will stay on the rod and not shoot under it.

On the bottom you need to move pretty fast and narrow or you will have a problem with suck back. On top you can move slower to draw back the root and not have to much penetration.

Larry Mac


Thanks very much for the post Larry.
good tips.

I also use the bent 1/8" rods with flats ground on sides. I used to have a set of hardened spacers that were made that way but its just as easy to make some.

thanks again

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