settings for a 2g pipe weld

how hot do i run on 2g, 6 inch sch.40 carbon pipe with 6010 root and 7018 fill and cap?

it really depends mostly on the gap, land, and bevel angle.

for welding tests, a typical bevel angle is 37 degrees.

if that is the bevel you are using, and if you use a 1/8" land, and 1/8" gap, then around 90 amps should get you close.

smaller land would require less amps, so adjust accordingly.

There are many different techniques for welding a root pass on a 2g pipe. I just read a post from a reader who uses no land with a 3/32" gap and 85 -90 amps....and buries the rod where all all the noise comes from the inside of the pipe.

this is a good technique also but it depends on you.

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