shedule 40 2g tig weld test

I have enormous amounts of mig experience.I took two classes and got certs for 2,3,4G in smaw and fcaw.Any clue or thoughts on how to approach a schedule 40 2G s.s. or other tig weld test?I am currently relocating to a new area and that is one of their "big deal passing"


like anything, you will just need to get some seat time and practice.

having as much mig experience as you do, just getting an experienced hand to walk you thru the test will probably get you their quick.

if you have never done tig or stainless before, there are things that are very important that you will not automatically know.
like how to purge the inside, snipping the wire, etc. but it will taking doing it to understand and learn how.

these days, it can be tough finding a welding school that has stainless pipe on hand. But if you can get your own pipe, a local welding school might be an option.

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