Slide Hammer Puller - How To make an Awesome one - Say Hello to my Little Friend!

"Oh No...He looks like one of those guys... "

A while back I made a video showing how to remove a pressed in pin using a slide hammer puller.

A machinist buddy of mine mis-located a steel pin in an aluminum part and needed it removed.

He tried to drill it out but the pin became too hard to drill and so he brought it to me to remove by welding.

The dowel pin was drilled down about 3/8" deep and was kind of hard to get to...but using a gas lens setup and a sharp electrode, it was really pretty easy.

The heat from welding usually helps shrink the pin a little and when you use a slide hammer with vise grips clamped to the mushroom head you weld on the pin, it cannot help but surrender.

This is an extremely handy tool.

It works better than the slide hammer pullers that are made to work with stud welders that have the small wheel cam lock device.

For this little project, I bought some Stanley locking pliers with curved jaws that grip better for this purpose than the old school vise grips I have on my old puller.

The curved jaws will grip a stud, or a welded head on a pin with ease.

Here are 3 main points for making your own slide hammer:

• If you can , get a slide hammer puller with the stud puller attachment ....its easier to cut and weld, and you can remove it if you ever need to.

• mark the angle on the stud puller attachment so that the jaws on the vise grip pliers are very closely aligned with the puller.

(if its not aligned, it will torque and might snap the pin, stud, nail, or whatever you are trying to pull)

• When you are finished making your puller, make sure to do your impression of Al Pacino in Scarface...."Say hello to my little friend!"

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