steam card certification

how do i get a Oklahoma steam card? most states dose not require one and to work in Oklahoma i need one.


found this on a forum

Oklahoma Welders Certification

"I noticed a message that mentioned the Oklahoma Welders Certification.
I have been giving that test for years so I thought I would offer some information on it. The Certification is issued by the Oklahoma Department of Labor. Contractors such as myself conduct the test then the welder sends an application to the department, they then issue the card. It is commonly called the "Steam Card" here in Oklahoma. There are new rules this year with welder certification in Oklahoma. It used to be only for Pressure Pipe that you needed the certification. Now it is required for buildings and bridges too. anyway you can contact me if you have any questions. I give the test at my shop. The cost is $250 dollars. I then give the welder the application and test records that he or she mails to the Department of Labor with the application fee of $25 dollars. 580-255-5336

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