Straight Co2 penetrates better...but I never had the chance to try it over 75/25 Argon @ the shop.

by Ronald
(Cavite, Philippines)


Thank you Welding Tips and Its a good thing I visited this website of yours, days before my Trade Testing here in the Philippines.

No words can tell how much usefull your "Tips" are. And I would like to thank GOD, for people like you, who loves doing their craft so much with passion. And even share, what you know, and what you can do to improve the trade. Thank you so much guys!!! More POWER!

I'm used to straight Co2, and I noticed that it always melt a lot faster over 3F or 3G, and I cannot achieve the root pass I want (maybe I was wrong on my setting)my piece is 3/8 x 12" and my settings are 350ipm over 35v. Or maybe I should have tried a little less?

And is it true that weaving, is only allowed on Vertical Position? A friend told me.

And during our Trade Testing, we did 2F, 3F and 4F. all in push technique as instructed.

Thank you and hope to hear from you again guys...And I'll be waiting for your advice from my e-mail ad (

Keep in touch. GOD Blesses the work of your hands.





good luck with all your welding

your settings for a root pass do seem really high
for an open butt root pass, voltage should only be around 21 22 volts with maybe 200-250 wire speed for open butt root pass 35 degree bevel plates with 1/8 gap

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