what temp would be good to run a bead on a 1" and 2" carbon pipe test for tig at a 45 degree and is the root supposed to look like you welded it with 6010


Done right the root will look more like a wedding band. Most codes allow anything from flush to around 1/16" of height on the root pass as long as its not all in one place and inconsistent.

Usually tig root passes are done with a 30-40 degree bevel, no land, and a 1/8" gap + or - 1/32"
some welders just lay a 1/8 wire in the gap and run over it and that is called "lay wire"

others prefer to dip a 3/32 rod in and out .
If the gap is bigger than 1/8" , I prefer to dip slowly with a very slight keyhole.

probably gonna take around 70-85 amps depending on the gap.

hope this helps,


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