TIG 6G 7018 hot pass/cap

by Ben Rasmussen

I'm having real trouble with my hot pass and cap running 7018. I don't know if its the way I'm running the beads or what but I just cannot get them to lay nice and flat.
my instructor taught me to bend the rod and then run from the bottom as far as I can reach and then move up the pipe and rotate my wrist at the same time, the same way on the other side.

I'm left handed btw, so when it comes time to run the beads on the left side of the pipe (welding uphill clockwise) I seem to have more problems with that than running up the right side.

I've tried free-handing it but that doesn't seem to work so well.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


I kind of do something similar to what your instructor does. I dont bend the rod, but I chuck it up in the stinger using the down angle groove so that when I come up the pipe and rotate my wrist, I have a good angle for the whole rod.

thanks for the post,

anyone else got any suggestions for Ben?

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