tig root pass on 2" sch 40 pipe 6g and 5g (carbon)

by kert trabohler
(tulsa ok USA)

I have 2" sch 40 pipe test in 6g on carbon steel, I used to tig weld for a living years ago, but we used er70s2 rod, now it seems like everyone uses s6, for me it doesn't run as smooth. In 5g I get almost suck back on the bottom, I've always heard aim toward the center of the pipe, as you work around it. Does anyone have any tips on this; like what heat should I run on the 2" test? what angle should my torch be at? When I learned to flux core uphill in position I learned that I always had to be moving upward, don't go over the same place twice.Always stepping up, even if a little bit. Is that true for tig'n a root pass, I'm just rattling on, if anyone has any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative.

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