Tig Welder Reviews using an Everlast Inverter Tig Welder - Everlast Powertig 250EX

This is part 5 of Inverter Tig welder reviews - inverter tig welders settings.

In parts 1-4 we talked about ac balance and ac frequency for welding aluminum, the difference in using a foot pedal amperage control and using a torch switch with 2t and 4t settings, pulse tig settings, high pulse and slow pulse and some applications for welding near an edge.

This page is a practical welding applications page for basic settings you might choose for welding steels and for welding aluminum.

For Steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, cobalt, cast iron, and other corrosion and heat resistant alloys, DCEN, direct current electrode negative also called straight polarity is used.

DCEN pinpoints heat the best and provides good pinpointed heat input and allows welding on thin metals or thick.

AC is used for aluminum, magnesium, pot metal and even cast iron sometimes. (tig welding cast iron on ac with aluminum bronze filler metal is da shizz)

The settings you need to be concerned with for welding with an inverter tig welder are mainly...

• main amperage---you will want to set the main amperage at least one amp per thousandths of thickness of steel being welded up to a max of about 200. after that multipass welds take over.

• set pulse switch to off for basic steel settings

• if a foot pedal is used, set the 2t 4t switch to 2t

• set the mode or process switch to tig HF so that you dont have to touch off to get the arc started.

• dont worry about upslope, downslope, start amps, end amps with a foot pedal

• set preflow to 1 second

• postflow should be set to around 10 seconds if a 3/32 electrode is used. there are lots of other considerations for postflow but the bare minimum is to set it long enough so that the electrode stays silver.

Thats about it for tig welding steel...

Inverter tig welder settings for tig welding aluminum

For Tig Welding aluminum, change the polarity switch from DC to AC

then take a look at the ac frequency and ac balance knobs.

a good default set it and forget it setting is...

• 110 hz on the ac frequency

• 65% dcen on the ac balance.

This Everlast ac balance knob is configured so that turning it clockwise increases the dcep and cleaning action.

You will want more dcen in the cycle than dcep unless you like welding with a huge electrode. I dont.

Set the ac balance to around 65% dcen...or 35% dcep depending on what type inverter tig welder you are using, the knobs may be backwards.

I am using an Everlast powertig 250EX for demonstrating inverter tig welder settings and all inverter tig welders are slightly different. But Once you how to use one, all the rest are easy to learn.
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