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Tillman Welding Gloves and WeldMonger™ Tig Welding Gloves have something in common - Both Work Better With a TigFinger® Heat Shield

Raise your hand if you have ever burned a pinky finger or knuckle while wearing Tig Welding Gloves...yeah , me too! Click pic below to learn more

...and Now I just added some really good TIG gloves to my store too.

"Hey jody just wanted to make a comment on the tig finger. It is by far money well spent I weld mostly thin gauge stainless and like to rest my hand right on the metal when im welding. Even when I repair aluminum diesel tanks for semi trucks I can run 220 amps while resting the ting finger close to the weld with it only gettting warm. Well done. Thanks for the great product" ....Lawrence


"Jody, this is by far one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen for welding. I work with an aircraft maintenance company in Orlando, Florida, and that means A LOT of TIG! I’ve tried the old school trick of cutting a stick glove thumb and putting it on over my pinky… But with all of the aluminum and chrome moly, burns were inevitable and horribly painful. I bought a TIG finger a few months back around Christmas time. By far the best purchase I made in 2011, no more burns for this guy! Thanks so much Jody for all you do, any guy that takes time in his day to share his knowledge, and teach this trade is OK in my book. I wish you the best.


"First I would like to say that I ordered your Tig finger for myself and a couple of friends.
We all LOVE it. We're seeing more and more Tig pipe jobs coming up and this has helped a LOT when it comes to being able to keep one finger on the piece of pipe for stability. Now just to get a water cooled Tig torch "



"Hi Jody,
had my TIG fingers delivered a couple o’ weeks ago, and really, they are great. Last week I had to weld a tricky steel frame with a couple of really nasty spots, and those fingers saved my behind. Without them and with only my gloves I would have had to pause every 30 seconds or so in the tight spots, with them I just went through the job like a hot knife through butter. Thanks a lot and keep welding.
Greetings from Berlin, Germany


"The tig finger is the best thing you can have for welding tubing in racecar chassis !! I have never seen anything work this well, no more hot fingers or bad welds trying to finish in a hot spot this is a great product well worth the money. Love the tips on aluminum.
 "Thanks ,

" jody,i had to comment on the tig finger.

.. im in the automotive custom fabrication department. i build my chassis, suspension, air tanks, etc etc..

the tig finger is something i will buy from you as long as you sell it!
it speeds up my work, and improved my welds..
.. this website is awesome and you have helped me so much im forever in full support of what your doing here! thanks alot!!!! "

~Jeff ... Texas

are made from thin supple leather, kidskin, or pigskin in order to be able to feel the filler wire.

Personally, I prefer as thin a tig welding glove as I can get...I want my tig gloves to make me say Ahhhh! when I put them on. I want to be able to easily pick up a piece of .030" wire off the floor


I have also been burned because I didn't want to stop welding because I just hung in there too long.

You know what I am talking about!

As a Welder, making a pretty weld sometimes means more to us than a little pain.

We welders are slow learners sometimes. I have burns up and down my arms that attest to that fact.

This New Product called the TigFinger® Heatshield (Patented) is extremely handy.

Just keep it in your back pocket and slip it over you tig welding glove either on your middle finger or pinky finger depending on what you are welding.

Just put it back in your pocket when you are done and dont lose it. and by the way, you will probably lose one before you will wear it out. Its heavy duty.

The TigFinger® is made from a really smooth heat resistant material and it lets you prop right next to the weld as it slides along smoothly.

Watch the videos and then you can decide if this thing would come in handy for the kind of tig welding you do.

Tillman Welding Gloves, Miller Tig Welding Gloves, or Steiner Tig Welding Gloves will perform better with a TigFinger® slipped on..

The TigFinger® is great for ...

• tig welding aluminum castings that get really hot

• pipe welding with tig ...especially small bore stainless steel pipe

• Any time there is no place to prop and you have to rest your tig welding glove knuckles or pinky finger directly on the hot metal

• Chromoly Tubing welds on cluster joints

• tig welding Cast Iron that has been preheated because it needs to be welded at high temperatures.

• tig welding aircraft parts of all types

• tig welding aluminum tuna towers

• aluminum pontoon boats

• tig welding food grade stainless kitchen welds

• tig welding magnesium castings

• Tig welding Titanium Ducts, Tubing, or pipe

• stainless headers

• Stainless boat parts

• tig welding handrails

• The TigFinger® heatsheild is even good for propping against the metal when you use a cutting torch

see more about Tillman gloves using a tig finger

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