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If you are looking for tig welding accessories like tig cups, kits, tungsten, gas lenses, tig torches, tungsten grinders, welding helmets, and more, then weldmonger.com has you covered.

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TIG Welding Accessories that will Up your Game...
Tig Pro Kit, and Arsenal Kit.

The 3 videos above show 3 kits that can really up your tig welding game because better gas shielding makes a big difference.

If you are still using the standard tig cups and hardware that come with most TIG welders, you will notice an immediate improvement in your welds.

Stubby Gas Lens Kit for 17,18,26 style torches

The stubby gas lens kit version 2.0 is the first place I would start if I just bought a tig welder.

I would not use the standard hardware that comes with most tig welders.


because our new stubby gas lens kit will provide way better gas coverage while at the same time just feel better in your hand and let you reach tighter areas with a longer stick out.

It shrinks the overall size of a 17 style torch a lot and makes it more maneuverable.

And we have revamped the kit to allow it to be used with clear furick cups

TIG Pro Kit

The TIG pro kit comes with 7  different Furick Cups and 9 different CK Worldwide Alumina cups along with all the hardware you need.

It’s  a "one-stop-shop" for all your TIG Welding cup needs!

Need to walk the cup on sanitary stainless tubing?

Large diameter CK gas lens cups are great for that.

Need to use a really long stick out on some tight cluster welds on 4130 chromoly tubing? A Furick Ceramic 12 or Jazzy 10 is perfect for that.

What about the outside corner on 1/8” 3003 aluminum tread plate?  A standard #5 cup,  clear ally 5, #8 Furick pro, or #6 CK gas lens all will work great.

So many possibilities with this kit…

Exhaust collector on inconel 625? Jazzy 10 ceramic is a great choice!

Titanium pie cuts?  A Furick BBW rules for that.

Anything from a standard #5 cup for thin aluminum to large gas lens cups for walking the cup on pipe, this kit has you covered for practically every situation.

All in all, this is a super convenient way to have every cup for every application, all in one tackle box.

TIG Arsenal Kit

weldmonger furick arsenal kit
tig accessory kit

Our popular TIG Arsenal kit is a carefully selected combination of Furick cups.
It comes with a clear 8 cup, a Jazzy10 ceramic, a Furick12 ceramic, and a clear BBW cup along with all the hardware to make it work with your torch.

There is a kit for 17,18,26 style torches as well as a kit for 9/20 style torches.

The clear #8 cup is a great all around cup for all steels as well as aluminum. (You’ve likely seen it in use in several of my videos and it really lights things up around the puddle helping you see where you are going better.)

The jazzy 10 ceramic with its secondary diffuser screens uses about the same flow rates as a #8 cup but offers a larger argon shield and allows for longer stick outs….great for stainless and 4130 chromoly.

The furick 12 ceramic is the “go to” cup for many trophy truck welders and many motorsports fabricators.

The clear BBW cup provides a really large argon shield for titanium as well as the superalloys used in aerospace and motorsports.

CK Worldwide TIG welding accessories

CK Worldwide inc, is known for their TIG Torches. but not everyone knows that they offer all kinds of other innovative tig welding accessories too.

Micro TIG Torches, tig welding accessories, oversized tig nozzles, tig weleding consumables , torch mounted remote amperage controls , hose covers, trailing shields, cold wire feeders, machine mounted torches, tungsten electrodes, tungsten grinder, purge chambers, just to name a few.

I have personal experience with CK Tig torches, purge chambers, cold wire feeders, and micro torches.... All good stuff.

One of CK's more interesting tig welding accessories is their ergonomic torch mounted amperage control. Instead of a rotary knob or a slide action, it is both.

By using a track style control, welders can adjust amperage on the fly with either the thumb or a finger. That makes a big difference when you are in a tight spot.

Another item of interest is their Titanium welding chamber...its a plastic bag. It comes with a pump to suck the air out of it kind of like those vacuum sealers you see advertised on TV that are supposed to make vegetables stay fresh in the fridge.

Once you suck the air out, you back fill it with argon. Then after several minutes of checking the purge with an oxygen analyzer, (another 1000 bucks or so) you are ready to weld.

Welding inside a glove box chamber like this adds a layer of difficulty to any job. You get used to it, but its harder than it is outside in the open.

When possible, I like to use a large tig cup like the Furick BBW instead of welding inside a chamber.

But sometimes a chamber is the only way for titanium and other refractory alloys like tantalum, molybdenum, etc.

The Reason for the extra big cup?...

Titanium requires extra shielding and some titanium welding applications don't tolerate any discoloration at all....None. The weld and weld area have to be silver.

The oversized tig welding nozzle that is made from Pyrex or some other heat resistant glass like material and it will break if its dropped hard enough so be careful if you buy one.

Its about an inch in diameter and provides a much larger blanket of shielding gas than a standard gas lens style tig cup ...the drawback? its pretty expensive...like way over 50 bucks. But for welding titanium bike frames, aircraft turbine blades, and other high dollar items, its fits the bill and for big companies like GE and Boeing, 50 or even 100 bucks in no problem because it allows them to list a part number on a welding procedure instead of a locally manufactured Jerry rigged trailing shield...and unlike most trailing shields , it only takes one flowmeter.

I used to buy a lot of #15 15/16" ceramic tig cups for welding titanium and nickel alloys and I got them for around 25 bucks each... but that company went out of business.

The ones I have ordered lately are called a "champagne stubby nozzle" but they only work if you remove some of the diffuser screens. Sorry, but for around 30 bucks a cup, I want the stupid thing to work right out of the box without having to rework it. I am going to have to find another vendor.

Most hobby welders will never need an oversized tig nozzle or a titanium welding chamber. But It is still interesting to see all the stuff out there in the welding world... dont you think?

Now lets talk about the cold wire feeder. Again, for most hobby welders, this is not going to be on your wish list. But for those in certain industries like job shops, or aerospace welding, it be extremely useful.

There are 2 applications that come to my mind where a wire feeder like this helps.

1. Once I welded a whole bunch of concrete saws made from aluminum. Like more than a hundred. These saws were like a huge skill saw with a welded aluminum frame. The weld was half round so I talked the guy who owned the shop into buying a turntable so the job would go quicker and better.

It helped a lot but a wire feeder would have helped just as much. I weld pretty fast so I was stopping to grab a new rod about every 30 seconds. If I had the wire feeder with the hand held feeder, I could have welded the whole saw without ever stopping...and with no wasted rod ends too.

2. I set one of these cold wire feeders up once along with a Dynasty 200dx and a straight torch connected to a pneumatic actuated arm that retracted the torch.

By tweaking the wire feed speed and pulse rate on the wire feed, I got results comparable to a 200 thousand dollar Hobart Dabber Tig unit. I used high speed pulse on the Dynasty 200dx of around 100 pps with 30% pulse on time and 30% background amps, and pulsed the wire about 1-2 times per second to keep it feeding smoothly without balling up.

The part was a gas turbine engine part made from Haynes 188 cobalt alloy and the weld application was building up the edge of a .050" lip of a 1.5" diameter round part. A Pretty precision type weld compared to most...and the feeder worked really well.

Again, for 2 thousand plus dollars, its a stretch unless you have a job where you know it will pay for itself.

So that's my article on tig welding accessories

Hope you got something out of it.

CK Worldwide Tig Welding Stuff
more tig welding accessories

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