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TIG is the most versatile kind of welding there is. You can weld 4130 chromoly, mild steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel alloys like inconel and hastelloy, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and cobalt alloys like stellite .

Now if that aint versatile, I dont know what is.


Discloration of stainless steel tig welds

Why do my Stainless Steel welds look all discolored up in here?

Reader has question about welding aluminum with Dynasty 200

Question about how to tig weld aluminum with A Miller Dynasty 200

Miller dynasty 200dx

About the Miller dynasty 200dx...Da Shizz

Old as Balls Miller Tig Welding machine

A Miller Tig welder...an old one

Are you afraid of 2% thoriated electrodes?

What about radiactive thorium electrodes? waaah! waah!

Dont be trying to Tig weld wih C02...you will cuss

Dont Tig weld with C02

Chicks dig Tig Welders

All about Tig welding..and some down and dirty tips

Tig Welding 4130 Chromoly without a preheat..Oh my Heck!

Tig Weld 4130 Chromoly...no you dont have to gas weld it

There are welders, there are tig welders, and there are Welders who can tig Aluminum.

You Likes you some tigging Aluminum? Me too

Tig aluminum for noobs

more on how to tig weld aluminum

Seriously , if you cant pick up a dime with your tig welding gloves, you might as well use boxing gloves

You need some good Tig Gloves. If you cant pick up a dime, Chunk em!

Tig Welding Titanium

Tig welding Titanium is easy and hard

How the heck do you tig weld anodized aluminum?

Tig weld anodized aluminum...it is usually done with a

Secret rod for tigging cast iron...OMG

Tig Welding Cast iron Secret

Tig Welding Magnesium...happiness is a tight arc

Tig weld magnesium

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