TIG Welding Gloves and TIG Fingers at the Weldmonger Store

I searched a long time to find these comfortable, durable, and affordable premium tig welding gloves

Learning to feed the filler wire is Easier with a good pair of tig welding gloves

This video gives some quick tips for learning to feed filler wire.

Sometimes it even helps to use a cheap pair of cotton work gloves for you filler wire hand.

Video introducing Weldmonger TIG Welding gloves

Stubby TIG gloves


I need my tig welding gloves to be very comfortable but still durable.

So when I was doing research to find a line of tig welding gloves for my store at weldmonger.com I got lots of samples from lots of manufacturers and some of the were not comfortable at all.

One pair split at the seam on the palm when I first put them on.

So I settled on a line of premium tig welding gloves that have proven to be absolutely great.

tig kits banner 1

I need to be able to pick up a piece of filler rod easily with my tig welding gloves.

That is the main test.

After that, comfort is key.

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