Tracker CNC Plasma Cutter

Tracker CNC plasma Cutter

This video is about the software used to create drawings and programs to cut parts. If you want to skip the software part, just fast forward about 3/4 thru and you will see the operation of the tracker cnc plasma cutter.

From the YouTube user that posted the video...

"We love our Tracker! I just wanted to post this video so everyone could see how quick and easy it is to use. Our Tracker has made a large profit for us on all of our projects. The machine is very well built and the software is very powerful yet easy to use. Tracker's customer service has been amongst the best we have seen in the metal fabrication industry! "

The problem with YouTube and other websites is that you dont know if its real. How hard would it be to post a fake testimonial? I am not saying this one is is just not wise to take internet testimonials as gospel.

There is an awful lot of smoke and mirrors on the internet.
The Video below is of Custom Hot Rod Builder Dr. Neon talking about buying the Tracker CNC plasma cutter to do custom hot rod fabrication. Dr Neon built the 57 Chevy Nomad show car for Snap On Tools using the Tracker CNC plasma cutter.

On the Tracker CNC plasma website, Miller Spectrum 1000 plasma cutters are pictured but other plasma cutters can be used also.

exit tracker cnc plasma cutter and see the torchmate cnc plasma page

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