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Tungsten Sharpeners

by Gerry

I just chuck the tungsten up in a drill and stick (screw a bolt in the grinder where the handle goes) my 4" angle grinder in the vice (with a new sanding pad). I have makita 4" angle grinder and just resting the tungsten on the guard, works well. Then I use a dremel with a fine flat disk sander pad on it, to bush up the point.
I have been doing it this way since high school (Class of 81). I had a job in a race car fab shop back then and one of my jobs was "pointing the tungsten" for 4 to 5 welders. If I didn't learn to do it fast, all my time would have just been pointing tungsten and there was so much more learn on the job!! I think coming up with that, show them how innovative i was and got me out the welding shop and into the fab shop a lot sooner.


Gerry, thanks for this post...its a good one.


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