using co2 for downhill welding

When I attended hobart mig welding course in troy ohio we used co2 only for all of our welding tests.My instructor said that it was the same as 6010 rod,it was quick freeze puddle.We were instructed to move very quickly and to touch every area that you want to have welded with the area of the arc and keep it short.It kept the arc on the leading edge of the puddle, the quick freeze puddle and quick movement kept the puddle in control.Maybe this will help somebody,


I used Hobart training manuals to train welders for years and you are correct about the co2.

the manuals are written using co2 and toward the end of the course, you use 75/25 for thinner metal.

We taught the course using 75/25 because that was standard for the company and did not want to create a revolution by trying to change everyone's mind.

I agree with the fast freeze statement. co2 does seem to let you hang around longer without sagging the puddle on out of position welds.

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