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using reverse angle for uphill mig or stick

by James M
(portland Oregon)

after several years of doing marine welding which means welding all sorts of odd angles and and tight places and having to improvise to get the job done. I developed a technique for doing high quality up hill welding angling down with either mig or stick, mostly concentrating of watching the fusion in the puddle area, where the parent metal was being dug into and the filler metal filling in and solidifying behind with just a slight side to side oscillation and the weld just seems to crawl its way up the plate like a worm.. and it produces a really nice vertical weld that has nearly perfect effective throat or crown, without the tell tale side ripples that can look like a series of mini undercuts on both sides all the way up from making the typical up hill oscillations.. I know this is contrary to to most welding uphill techniques,but remember this is not something a beginning welder would would find useful but if you have a really good idea what you see happening in the puddle you may find this interesting..

Ps I have used this technique doing multiple pass over inch thick welds on plate steel that were x-rayed, and also with out of position pipe with good results.


Sounds interesting. I for one would like to learn more. I am always open to new techniques.



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