weld comparison data

by paul mcclelland

I really like this simple layman's version of the Welding Journal. Really fits into the "I ain't no PHd" way of thinking. At first I was thinking this guy should read that thing but at this point I'm sure you do and am sure you're a member of the AWS.

One thing I'd like to see is something on gases for MIG or just gases in general. I use 95/5 Argon/ox mix and get great spray transfer on a Millermatic 200. The gas hard to get though, so I've been thinking of going to a more readily available gas. I'm not sure the best choice for all purpose mild steel as I've never used anything else.

Wish my 200 had a digital voltage control!

Also, your link, in MIG supplies to the ground clamp, ain't working.

thanks loads for your site.


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