by asen
(North London)

Hi I want to ask how long does it take me the course for tig welder level 6G and how much would it cost me, also I want to say I've got experience 10 years of arc and mig and tig but i don't have certificate thanks.


Here in the states, one of the most renowned schools is Hobart institute of welding technology.

Hobart offers a basic tig course that last 2 weeks and covers 16 and 11 ga sheet in steel, stainless , and aluminum.

That class is a prerequisite for a 2 week class on 2" schedule 8 pipe tests and it covers 2g, 5g, and 6g.

Using hobart welding school as a baseline, 4 weeks is reasonable to get from where you are to being able to pass a 6 g tig test.

good luck

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