welding certification

by Tristan McNabb
(Des Moines NM)

im a 16 yr old student in high school and i would like to be able to get the highest welding certification in high schoold without going outside of my highschool. do you have any suggestions.


I doubt you will get a valid certification within your school...unless your school is a certified AWS accredited test facility.

But if your high school offers any type of certification tests, get all you can.

Any piece of paper you can get that records a welding test might help you get your foot in the door later on.

You will probably need to further your welding training at a local tech school or at a training center like Tulsa welding school, hobart, or lincoln.

Everywhere you go for the rest of your welding training time and also career, I would advise you to ask for the documentation every time you take a test.

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