What size Welding Gas Cylinders do I need for my Tig Welding Machine?

What is a Tig Finger??

Now that you took the plunge and bought your tig welding machine, you will need to get a welding gas cylinder.

Probably argon to start with. and maybe some helium later on when you have more cash.

there are 2 main routes to go here.

Owners tanks....or rental tanks

An Owners welding gas cylinder... where you buy the cylinder and then just swap it like a gas grill propane tank when its empty...or

a commercial size rental welding gas cylinder where you dont buy it, its not yours, but you pay a monthly or yearly rental fee.

What is the difference? ....owners cylinders are usually limited in size to around 125 cubic feet. Thats about half of a full size commercial rental tank.

They are also available in smaller sizes like the little 80cf argon helium welding gas bottles.

Owners tanks cost around 175-200 bones and cost anywhere from 15-40 dollars to swap out.

If you dont weld very often owners tanks make good sense...no rental fees dinging you every month even when you go 6 months without welding.

but if you weld regularly, and a lot, the rental units make sense. No upfront purchase and refills are usually cheaper per cubic foot of gas.

I sometimes go months without needing a refill on my small 125 cubic ft tanks but I have more than one in case I run out on a weekend and the job has to get done.
exit welding gas cylinders and see more on tig welding

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