Welding Position Question????

by alan
(atlanta, ga)

Had a situation on a job where we called out a CJP weld of a hangar plate to the bottom flange of a large W40 girder.

The hangar plate is parallel and aligned with the web of the girder. The plate has a double bevel. At first glance, the field weld of this plate to the bottom flange of the installed beam appears to be overhead.

However, it appears to be a horizontal weld position when reviewing fig 4.2 in AWSD1.1 for groove welds as the theoretical face of weld is vertical (>80 deg). Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t misreading the figure or there wasn’t something else in the AWS that classifies this weld position as overhead.




Since this does appear to be a groove weld, I believe you are correct in calling this horizontal.

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