In this Welding Table Video, we tig weld Stainless Steel to Carbon steel using 312 ss filler rod

Learn more about the Tig Finger
This Welding Table Video has an added bonus...

It has some pretty good arc shots to learn from.

I am almost done with the short production run of Remote Sewer Crawler Tractors...and I am thinking some people are getting tired of hearing about welding tables.

1 or 2 more videos should do it.

Then we can move on to other welding videos and one of the first items on the list is to demonstrate the capabilities of an Everlast PowerPro 256 combo unit.

Tig, STick, and Plasma cutting. That's what the Everlast PowerPro 256 is all about....but that's for later.

In this video of the StrongHand BuildPro Table, we fit the stainless steel axles in and tack weld them.

Only one or two tack welds are needed because the axle is one solid piece.

All the other sewer crawlers that I welded were done using the old school method of tapping, measuring, tapping, measuring, etc..etc...

With the tooling package I have, there are all kinds of things that can be used to hold things in place...

in fact, one of the really cool thing about the tooling is that is serves to give you ideas.

just scanning over the array of angle blocks and straight edge blocks, lets you get quick ideas of how to do things.

I am serious. I knew this table and tooling would be cool, but I really underestimated the added benefit of it being such an idea generator.

You can see that once I got the setup done, tacking the stainless steel axles in place was a piece of cake.

Welding the stainless axles to the carbon steel tubing was done with 312 stainless rod.

HOT Welding TIP....

Ever heard of a rod called SuperMissile Rod? its essentially 312 ss. There are all kinds of maintenance rods sold that are really pretty much just 312 stainless....because 312 stainless works really well for welding dissimilar metals...steels that is.

If you have read much of my stuff, you know that I recommend hastelloy W for dissimilar metals.

but since I wrote that a few years ago, hastelloy W has shot up in price to around 100 bucks a pound...ouch!

312 stainless tig rod is only about 10-20 bucks a pound and is almost as good as hastelloy W as an all purpose steel welding rod....almost.

OK, back to welding the axles. By using a TigFinger Heatshield , I prop close to the weld with my middle finger and using a slight weave and leaving the rod in the puddle, I keep a little bit of pressure on the rod so that the rod feeds a little if the puddle needs it.

If the right angle and amperage are used, the rod will not ball up and will feed into the puddle nicely.

The weld in this welding table video could benefit from pulsing the current at around 30-50 pps. Pulsing at that rate with around 30% pulse time and 30 % background would prevent the puddle from trying to wander to the edges of the metal.
exit welding table video and learn more about a TigFinger HeatShield.
stronghand tools modular fixturing

Just click on the northern tool link below and search for "stronghand welding table" to get the skinny and specs on stronghand buildpro tables is your Automotive Headquarters

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