Stronghand Welding Tables

Part 1 - Intro to the Mac Daddy Build Pro Precision Welding Table

Welding Tables? Sewer Crawlers?

What is a Stronghand Tool Build Pro Welding Table?

and What is a Sewer Crawler?...and what in the heck does one have to do with the other?

A Stronghand Tools Build Pro welding table is a precision welding table that is designed to be used with Stronghand tooling package for fixturing of parts...its for stuff that needs to be right. Instead of a big heavy steel plate for the table top. Stronghand tools uses precision cut steel slats that have cnc drilled holes in them that hold tooling of all sorts.

Some smart people define the term "innovation" as a new way of looking at something that has an economic impact.

If that is so, then Stronghand Tools has innovation running out their Wazoo.

If you are a fabricator, When you take a close look at the Build Pro welding table and the tooling packages that are designed to be used with the Build Pro Tables, you immediately start to get ideas of how to do new things. Things you had not considered previously.

Stronghand Tools is an innovation Machine... To build something that is so innovative that it actually promotes innovation... that is really something.

What is a Sewer Crawler?

A sewer crawler is a remote controlled motorized tractor that takes a camera into places where the sun don't shine. It goes where people cant...or at least don't want to. A sewer crawler can go thru sewer pipes and take video so that repairs can be made or maintenance can be scheduled to prevent future repairs....Cities like Atlanta and Chicago rely on these remote operated sewer crawlers to go down into their sewer pipes big and small and provide reports on how their infrastructure is holding up.

What does a Build Pro Welding Table have to do with a Sewer Crawler?

I am about to fabricate a short production run of these sewer crawlers and I am going to use the Stronghand Tool Build Pro Welding table to assemble, clamp, and weld them to make sure they are straight, water tight, and properly aligned. Why does accuracy matter for a remote crawler that goes down into the crud?

Well, even though it goes into the crap, it needs to be built right so that is tracks straight, and besides, some of these sewer crawlers get shown at trade shows or on a showroom floor before going into service.

The machine shop that contracted me to weld these products does not know which ones might get shown at a trade show and so all of them have to look good and also be good.

How is the Stronghand welding table going to help us fabricate these sewer crawlers?

Its going to help me by making it easier to fit, tack, align and weld, that's how.

Here's why...

The table top is made from precision drilled slats instead of one solid sheet of plate steel. The slats are flat to within .004"...(thats about 0.1mm for you folks on the other side of the world)

The holes are cnc precision drilled and are accurate to within .0015" to one another. (or about .038mm)

With all the other tools designed to be used with the Build Pro table...riser blocks, v pads, v blocks, spacers, clamps etc, I can get my short production runs set up and done accurately and I can also have confidence that a year from now , when I get another order for 15 sewer crawlers, that I can make the same set up and that order will be accurate too.

back in the day, I remember working in a Boilermakers fab shop an we were making all sorts of components that were used in coal fired power plants and also nuclear power plants.

Most of the fixtures we made were made from scrap metal and just tacked together to look like metal art. And then they were stored out in the bone yard in case we needed them again.

With a Build Pro Welding table , you can snap a digital image of a good fixturing set up, and repeat it 6 months or a year later without taking up valuable floor space with one off fixtures only good for one job.

Listen up small machine shops, welding shops, and FAA repair stations...

IF you are under scrutiny...If you have FAA inspectors auditing your shop, if you have prospective customers visiting your shop to audit your capabilities...

A Build Pro Table helps you put your best foot forward.

With yellow legs, contrasted against a glossy black frame and precision ground table top, this welding table screams QUALITY.

Sure you may have found yourself a Blanchard ground piece of 4140 at the scrap yard and you put some old angle iron legs on it. IT might work great, but it is not impressing anyone.

If you are a small shop pursuing new contracts, this might just be the best spend you ever made.


Because it is affordable, and its a quality product.


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