WeldSale Welding Table - Heavy Duty, Cast Iron , Precision Ground Top

If you really need it, there is no substitute for a heavy duty cast iron Platen welding table. https://www.weldsale.com/

Weldsale Platens are made of high tensile strength cast iron, machined to ±0.005" on the top, sides, and bottom, to provide a stable, heavy-duty accurate work surface.

Cast iron is a very stable material that will not warp, sag, bend, or twist. That’s why engine blocks and heavy duty machinery are made from cast iron, because of dimensional stability. It doesn’t shrink and grow with hot and cold like say cold rolled steel for instance.

Not everyone needs this kind of heavy duty welding table. For small shops and hobby shops, a lighter duty table like ones made by Strong Hand tools might be better . But if you need to straighten a 12 inch wide flange, you aint gonna do it with a 1/2 " thick table...

Weldsale.com even offers used platens that are reconditioned by being Blanchard ground on the top working surface. A 5’ x 5’ x 6” thick table top typically costs around $2500.

Yes you read that right “ a 6 inch thick table top!!” made of cast iron. That’s a heavy ass table top.

The squares cast into the platens accept various tooling, hold down clamps, etc.

Another useful accessory are the cutting pyramids.

Cast iron is not affected by a cutting torch like steel. Since these pyramids come to a point and are made from cast iron, they are used effectively to hold plate steel while its being cut by a cutting torch.

The reason for the point is that it allows the stream of the oxy-fuel flame to make the cut smoothly without blowing back and interrupting the smoothness of the cut.
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