What do I look for in a stainless steel weld?

by Jason Mainz `
(Alamogordo, NM )

I am getting ready to put a bid on some stainless steel counter tops. There will be some welding and fabrication involved that I will have subbed out to a welder in town.

In brief, what should I be looking for and what should I expect from a qualified welder? What should it look like when it is done? -----------



you should expect that the welds not be all black and granular on the back side. A good contractor will back up the back side of the welds with argon or at least copper chill blocks so the the welds are not sugared.

if you have specific food grade welding requirements, make sure to stipulate them when you get your quotes.

welds that have not been wire brushed should have some luster...not grey or black. no holes where arc was terminated either.

and make sure ahead of time that the contractor has a stainless or aluminum work table.
a stainless food table that has been welded on a carbon steel table is very likely to rust later on. same goes with wire brushing...no carbon brushes allowed on stainless.

the list goes on too long to be complete, but these are some really important things to be aware of.



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