What would be the most preferred 6G TEST

by Glenn
(Brighton, Illinois)

Our company has asked our welders to take 6G TEST, representing our union I've been allowed to set up the WPS.

What is the most preferred test for the welders? I was going to request either 6" or 8" schedule 80. One of the companies consultants said if 8" it would have to be schedule 40. Would there be any reason for this?

When I write up the specifics should I include repairs during test? Thanks===Glenn



The 8" schedule 40 idea from the consultant was probably due to wall thickness qualification ranges.

thats generally the way welding codes work.
depending on the test used to qualify, there are thickness ranges as well as pipe diameter range limitations.

some of it makes no sense at all to us welders, but that is pretty common also in what details are listed in welding codes for testing welders.

its complicated.

the bottom line is that you want to qualify according to the task.

do an assessment of material types welded, diameters of pipe welded, and wall thickness welded...both minimum and max.

then consult the code used to determine the most appropriate test or tests (no one test is going go cover everything).

asme section 9 for example is used for qualifying welders for pressure pipe and vessels but there are also others that might be used so you need to determine the code and go from there.

as far as repairs, that might be helpful to have guidelines as to the extent of repairs allowed and what is allowed or not allowed.

best of luck,


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